Data Science Interviews can be difficult to crack, even though there are so many positions vacant. This course helps you to ace interviews for the “sexiest job” of the century or any other data related position. The course covers several interview formats including guesstimates, case studies and technical interviews.

Ace Data Science Interviews Course contains:

6 Hours of video content covering different formats of interviews for different roles in data science industry.

100s of data science interview questions to get you comfortable with data science interviews

Tools and frameworks to ace data science interviews and create a professional data science resume

Hundreds of puzzles, guesstimates and case studies from real data science interviews

Why take Ace Data Science Interviews Course?

Data science is a fast evolving vast field. A lot of people learn basic tools and techniques from various courses, but still fail to clear data science interviews. This is usually because they don’t get the right guidance and mentorship to clear these interviews.

This course was created based on hundreds of interviews Kunal has taken personally and through his work through Analytics Vidhya. You will not only get common questions asked in data science interviews, but also frameworks to save guesstimates and case studies asked commonly in data science interviews.

Course takeaways

  • Understanding of various data science roles and skills required in these course.
  • Different kinds of interviews, what may test in an interview and what to expect in each role.
  • Resources and frameworks to ace various data science interviews like guesstimates, case studies, puzzles.

Course Curriculum

Overview of Ace Data Science Interviews Course

  • Instructor Introduction
  • Why did we create Ace Data Science Interviews Course?
  • How did we create Ace Data Science Interviews Course?
  • Who should take Ace Data Science Interviews course?

Overview – 7 step process to Ace Data Science Interviews

  • Overview of the 7 step Process
  • Infographic – 7 step Data Science Interview Process

Understanding Roles, skills and Interview Framework

  • Overview of Different roles in Data Science
  • Interview process for Senior Roles in Data Science
  • Interview process for Mid management roles in Data Science
  • Interview process for Individual Contributor roles in Data Science
  • Overview of Different Types of Data Science Interviews – Technical Interviews, HR Interviews, Guesstimates, Case Study, Puzzles, Assignments
  • Different Interviews for Different Job Roles

Building Your Digital Presence

  • Why you should build your Digital Presence
  • Ace Data Science Interviews – LinkedIn Checklist
  • Ace Data Science Interviews – GitHub Checklist

Building Your Data Science Resume

  • Importance of Resume in Data Science Interview process
  • The 6 step process for crafting your resume
  • Examples of Stand out Resumes
  • Live Resume Screening

Applying for Data Science Roles

  • Various Paths to apply for Data Science roles
  • Applying through Online portals
  • Applying through Networking
  • Applications based on Work and Portfolio

Telephonic Interviews

  • Why companies do telephonic Interviews?
  • Checklist – Before the telephonic Interview
  • Checklist – During the telephonic Interview
  • Checklist – After the telephonic Interview
  • Additional tips for Video Interviews
  • Common Questions which Interviewers ask
  • Question you can ask the Interviewer


  • Why companies hand out assignments
  • Assignments for Different Roles in Data Science
  • Tips to Ace the Assignment Interview Round

In Person Interview(s) for Data Science

  • Overview of Different Data Science Interview Types
  • Technical Interviews for Data Science
  • Puzzle based Interview Rounds
  • Tips to solve puzzles
  • Cracking in person Case Studies
  • Live in person Case Study
  • Guesstimates
  • HR Round
  • The Ultimate Handbook of Data Science Interview Questions

Post Interview Follow-ups

  • Post Interview Steps
  • Understanding the Different Post Interview Steps

Sample videos from course

Why did we create Ace Data Science Interviews Course?

How did we create Ace Data Science Interviews Course?

Overview – The 7 step Ace Data Science Interviews Process


When you enroll for Ace Data Science Interviews Course, you get a course with end to end framework for cracking data science interviews. We cover different types of data science interviews, common interview questions, tips and tricks to ace data science interviews and several resources to ensure your success in getting through these interviews.

$199 Regular

$55 Limited Time Offer

Ace Data Science Interviews Course Will…

Help you understand different roles in Data Science Industry, skills required in these roles and the interviews which happen in Data Science Industry

Tell you how to build your digital profile on platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub before you start appearing for Data Science Interviews

Provide you with a framework to create a professional Data Science Resume

Help you Understand Different Ways of getting employer attention

Types of Interview Formats Covered in Ace Data Science Interviews Course…


We will help you understand what are guesstimates, how to go about solving them and provide you with multiple examples to practice the same

Business Case Studies

You can not be a data scientist without having good domain understanding and problem solving skills. This course provides you with live case studies identifying the problems people face and provides people with a framework to Ace These Case Studies.


This course covers popular puzzles used in data science interviews across several companies hiring for data science roles.

Technical Interviews

This course covers more than 200 technical questions along with answers used in data science interviews. Use it to your advantage before you go for any data science interviews

Bonus Material from course


Checklist for Digital Presence

You will get multiple checklists for building your digital presence including checklists for LinkedIn and GitHub


Ultimate Book for Data Science Interview Questions

You get a book with more than 240 interview questions curated from several industry experts



You get infographic for the 7 step Ace Data Science Interview Process and process to create a professional Data Science Resume



Who is this course for?

A This Course is aimed for any one who wants to crack their data science interviews and unleash a promising career in coming years. Whether you have never faced an interview yourself or you want to improve your performance further - this course will go a long way in helping you ace your data science interviews

What is the refund policy?

A The course is currently running in launch offer. We will not be able to provide you with any refunds.

What happens after I click Buy Now?

A When you click buy now - you will be directed towards check out page of this course on Analytics Vidhya Courses platform ( Once you create your user id, you should be able to buy the course directly on the platform.

What is Analytics Vidhya?

A Analytics Vidhya is one of the largest data science community. We aim to build next generation data science ecosystem across the globe. People can blog, discuss, compete, train and get hired through Analytics Vidhya


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